Living, leading and loving from a place of internal worthiness is a brave endeavor. When we choose this path, we choose to embrace each part of us and share the most honest versions of ourselves.

This is my wish for you.

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Daring Way™ Workshops
An invitation to bring more connection, compassion and empathy to your life, your work and relationships.

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Our collaborative partnership begins with the premise that right now as your perfectly imperfect self, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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Restorative Practices
Use the healing power of circles to address conflict & harm in relationships, families, schools and organizations.

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From our very first meeting, I was helped by Joan to not only ‘find my way back,’ but prompted and supported in moving ahead. I had insights each and every time we met, and those insights helped me to find my way back to something new… sounds strange, but I was my new self again.