Healing Professionals

When managing your practice leaves you drained and unable to tend to your own needs and relationships, what do you do to source yourself?

  • Hideout and retreat?
  • Grab a handful of chocolate chips from the cupboard?
  • Cancel plans you made to reach out for connection?
  • Pour over the websites and social media pages of “the competition”?

We’re drawn to this work because we have a passion to serve. We want to share our knowledge and bring well-being to our clients and to the world. We are also prone to believe that our calling includes giving at all times, to all people; and if we fall short in the eyes of others, we must not be giving enough, selfless enough or kind enough. Creating healthy boundaries and practicing the skills to replenish us is not only a good idea, it’s vital.

Your healing practice does not have to reflect a BUSY, BIG and EXTRAORDINARY vision. It simply needs to reflect the values and the gifts you naturally bring to your work and your clients.

I believe the path to this sweet spot starts with self-compassion.

Self-compassion is a practice, just like yoga, meditation or exercise. It starts with acknowledging your struggle. Beyond this point I can offer you tools to support your work and personal growth from a perspective of self-kindness, vulnerability and even laughter.

I’ve been told by my professional clients and colleagues that my grounding presence, humor and wise perspective have brought them a sense of comfort, calm and renewed energy.

Call me to learn more about how I can support you.

Professional Consultation

For Daring Way™ Certification Candidates: My role as a consultant is to support candidates as they integrate this work into their practices and make it their own. I see the consultation process as a 3-pronged experience that explores the pedagogy, the practical and the facilitator’s process. As a certified coach and former therapist, I bring a multi-layered perspective to my consultations. The Daring Way™ has become a cornerstone of my practice, and I look forward to exploring these transformational tools with candidates.

Joan has an unassuming way of challenging and then expanding your belief system—the impact is immediate.JM, Entrepreneur