Everyday I take a morning walk with my dog Clover on the trails near our home.  We pass through open fields, past ponds and wooded areas. I love to breathe-in the changing landscape and acknowledge how grateful I am to live near such beauty.  Last week I noticed a dangling mobile someone had created out of bent bows.  It was hung out on a limb over the pond.  A lovely surprise.

Today I spotted this little guy sitting in a tree.  He’s made out of birch bark, acorns and two blue stones.  I love him!  I have no idea who the artist is, but I hope he or she continues to surprise me with what feels like little gifts or nods to nature.

I know that when I’m paying attention, the treasures appear.  I hope this season also brings you small pleasures to open your heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~  Joan


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