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There’s a movement brewing…

and I’m itchy to share the news!

It’s been a busy winter and early spring for my practice. Since Brené Brown was featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and taught her online classes, interest in The Daring Way™ has exploded.

I’ve been running workshops and webinars for professionals, and working one-on-one with individuals who have specifically requested to focus their coaching on the tenets of the Daring Way™: creating deeper connections, practicing vulnerability, self compassion and taking courageous risks in their work and personal lives. Men and women are calling because they’ve gotten a taste of Brené’s message from her books and Ted Talks. They no longer want to live based on the shoulds and shaming that is part of our culture. They want to feel alive and authentic and stop believing the messages of scarcity that say “I’m not smart enough, attractive enough, thin enough, successful enough, witty enough, etc”.

Never before have I been so aligned with my work. My own personal growth from this material has made a tremendous impact on my family and my relationships with friends and colleagues. I’ve also had the honor of becoming a Consultant for The Daring Way™, mentoring other coaches and therapists seeking certification. I love working with practitioners throughout the country who are as passionate about this work as I am.

If you’re curious about The Daring Way™, browse my website to learn more and check out the Events page for upcoming groups. I do believe there’s a movement brewing, and I’m thrilled to be crusading on its behalf.

March on!

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